World of Warcraft: Why So Popular?

world of warcraft

World of Warcraft is like a black hole that sucks the time out of people’s life. So, many people have made resolutions never to go back to playing the addicting game, only to find themselves back on their PC fighting their way through Azeroth. In fact, when friends and family standing by watch the addiction of the game taking over the players, they not only get confused, they start judging and questioning their morals as well. After all, deciding for the umpteenth time not to play the game and going back on their word has to have some negative impact on their personality, right?

The thing is, they can’t help it. World of Warcraft is an addictive game, and staying away for too long is just not in the DNA of the players. Hundreds of new games have been released, free to play MMORPG’s, and many more attractions, but none have reached the impact World of Warcraft has had on the online gaming world. So, if you stand in the corner praying for the addicted players to see sense and stop taking the quests seriously, it is time for you to understand their addiction and even possibly join the legions. Let’s take a look at some numbers before figuring out the reasons behind the popularity of the game.

World of Warcraft by the Numbers

There is no one reason for the hyper-popularity or cultural acceptance of this MMORPG. When you take a look at the subscription fee of the game, it makes you wonder even more about the madness millions of people engage in. Blizzard Entertainment, the tech wizards behind the creation of the game charge a hefty $15 per month from subscriber to continue playing the game. Even after the subscription fee, the company has around 7 million subscribers as of 2015, and earns more than a billion dollars, more than any other online game in the world.

Released in 2004, the MMORPG reached 10 million subscribers at its peak and even though they have lost a considerable number of their subscribers, players keep coming back to the game and the company keeps churning colossal profits. An astonishing 100 million people have already played the game, including those who played for the trial period. Nevertheless,

The game is played in around 244 countries in the world (isn’t that almost the entire world?). Makes you wonder if there are penguins on the server as well, doesn’t it? The game has around 500 million characters and has over 100,000 online Wiki pages dedicated to it. Wrap your head around the figures, we know you can do it. But now, let’s move on to the reasons why the game is so popular and addictive?

So, What Makes The Game So Addictive?

As mentioned, there isn’t one reason for the game’s popularity. There are numerous reasons that factor into the attraction for the game, so let’s take a look at some of them.

The Social Factor

The social factor of playing World of Warcraft is one of the major reasons why the game is so hugely popular. The players interact with people from around the world and collaborate with foreign gamers, which is a huge factor for its popularity. No matter how introvert a person is, they can shine and team up with groups of people without going face to face with anyone. Making new friends and discovering new people is just one of the reasons why the game is so appealing to millions of people. There are countless communities you can join and be a part of and create guilds with your friends. In short, the game is every introvert’s dream come true.

Satisfies Your Psychological Needs

World of Warcraft lets you impersonate hundreds of characters and fulfill your fantasies. Even though a majority of players prefer playing as humans, they can still don the cape of whichever character they desire and play around with the powers and spells that come with them. You can be Illidan Stormrage, Medivh, or Gul’dan, perhaps the evilest character in the game. You can storm in rage and wipe out armies and lead your guilds to victories over rivals. The game gives you power and a feeling of supremacy real life is not capable of providing. You also get a ‘high’ by completing achievements, something other games don’t offer. This is the reason why people get addicted to the game.

It Has the Largest In-Game Map of All Online Games

A part of the reason for its huge popularity is the vastness of the lands of Azeroth. With each release of a new expansion pack, Blizzard Entertainment has made sure players have a reason to keep sticking to the game. They have expanded the game’s territory beyond the players’ wildest dreams and there’s a lot to discover and plenty space to roam around. There are new secrets to discover and new places and armies to conquer in the game. The more experience you gain, the better your chances are of jumping from one quest to another, which is why people make it their target to reach as high a level as they possibly can.

Everyone from Casual Gamers to Pros Can Enjoy the Game

World of Warcraft has been crafted for everyone to enjoy. While there are games out there that require pro level skills and expertise to play a game, World of Warcraft doesn’t require any major skills and can be enjoyed by an amateur gamer as well. If you are a casual gamer, you can start the game easily without any prior knowledge of the millions of characters, spells, or the armies you can conjure. You can easily progress through the game at a slow pace and develop an understanding as fast or slow as you want. The interface is user-friendly and offers amazing visuals and graphics. There is something to do in the game ALL the time, and there are almost no chances of players getting bored.

If you have been a critic all along and been the one to judge your WoW-addicted friends, it is time to stop ascertaining and give the game a try. Don’t blame us if you form a new addiction too though.