How to Master World of Warcraft

how to win world of warcraft

When you start playing World of Warcraft (and you probably did years ago), you will know that there is no method to start conquering the world of Azeroth and keep climbing the leaders’ ladder and become the King of the World. World of Warcraft is not an easy game to conquer. Now, we won’t go as far as saying it is impossible to master the game and climb the ranks quickly, but keep in mind that it takes time and perseverance from the players. However, every step you take towards being the best is worth it, and every moment you spend on the game’s server is enjoyable.

We, therefore, do have tips and tricks for the players who want to blast their way to the top, so read on to find out the best ways to start mastering the World of Warcraft.

Join a Guild

Raiding is a huge part of the game and the best way to carry your raids is by joining a guild that is perfect for you. Joining a guild that is already attacking too high will not only hinder your progress but lower your morale as well because you won’t be of much use to the guild. Therefore, don’t join a guild raiding the Black Temple if you have just started. Become the member of a guild that will be able to give you the best advice on raiding and teach you the best ways to fight your way to the top. You can go solo on missions all you want, but joining a group gives you the upper hand when it comes to raids and quests which a solo mission does not. Use the guild to your advantage as much as you can.

Use Guides to Your Advantage

As much help as this guide will be for your adventure in Azeroth, remember there are hundreds and thousands of guides available online that will help speed up your in-game progress. Guides inform you about the best tips and tricks veteran players have been using throughout the years they have been playing, and simply knowing and applying those tips will help you get better. It is always possible you are not using your character’s power or your level’s full potential. There are some amazing leveling guides out there, so don’t shy away from going through them in case someone catches you.

Gain Experience by Raiding Lower

One of the best ways to level up quicker is by killing and wreaking havoc on things that are a few levels below you. This is referred to as level grinding, and no matter how boring it may seem it helps notch up experience points quickly and without receiving too much damage. You can kill a lone priest below your level fast and even if you incur some damage, the recovery period will be short. Although the experience points won’t feel like much, a number of small expeditions like these add up over time and you can benefit by leveling up. If you are stuck at a quest and need to level up, level grinding is a great way to complete it.

Get Better Gear

As pointed out, raids are a crucial part of World of Warcraft and help you level up quick. However, raiding requires you to wear gear that you use when launching an attack. Most players compromise on their gear simply for the reason that finding better gear takes more time. Get the best gear available for your class and be patient if necessary. You will thank us for this advice once you start leveling up faster thanks to the gear you opted for in place of less efficient one.

Study Your Class and Its Specs

Learning about your class through trial and error is not an efficient way of dealing with leveling up or using your attacks. While a majority of the players start the learning process mid-fight, the minority, which goes through the process of studying their class and specs before a raid or quest, finds it far easier to win at attacks and gain experience levels. Knowing about your class will help you better understand the powers and spell you can use and make your life in Azeroth worth it.

Remember To Use All Your Consumables

While raiding or attacking bosses, do not forget to use all the consumables at your disposal. You have flasks, elixirs, food, stones, and scrolls, and there is no point in saving them when you can consume them and beat the bosses easily. Your raids will be easier and your performance overall will be far better. Besides, if you are on level 70, your daily quests can easily repay the bills, and consumables, depending on the armor you are using.

Play Against Better and Experienced Players

It’s not a trap. Seriously, go ahead and join the crowd vying for a game against the better players since they offer the best chance for you to learn the tricks of the game. Although many better players will ignore your advances, it is always better to tell them beforehand that you want to learn and be persistent against them. If there are no takers, you can even pay a good player some gold to run you some advice.

Keep Optimizing Your Character

Your character needs to evolve constantly if it is to be successful in raids and attacks. For this purpose, you need to optimize it with the best gear and armor possible. You can even use websites for recommendations about character optimization, so use them to your advantage.

Don’t forget that World of Warcraft is a game after all. Many players take slow progress as a huge problem and let it affect their real lives. As long as you keep it cool and don’t let the game take over your life, you will be able to do well at both. No kidding, because keeping a cool head is important for progressing and mastering World of Warcraft. Besides all this, keep practicing, and you will soon be joining the ranks of legends in Azeroth!