The best multi player games

Competition is in our nature. Since the dawn of society, us humans have always been on the lookout for new ways to pit ourselves against one another. One of my friends, Shane, who owns Revved Business (he doesn’t know I’m calling him out… lol), I basically cream every time we play…

Younger generations would argue that online games – the latest evolution in competition – are the best arenas invented thus far. Most of us will never get to represent our countries in the Olympics or step inside a fighting ring, but in the world of online games, everyone has an equal chance so long as their wits are quick enough.

Young and old, male or female, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try your skills out in an online game, working with and against actual people. You never know – it could become your next favorite hobby. Here are some multi player titles that everyone should consider.

League of Legends: My favorite… Most familiar with multi player games know of the online phenomenon that is League of Legends. The game follows a similar model to its predecessors yet introduces enough new goodies (starting with the unique and colorful graphics) to make it worth everyone’s while. It can be a bit difficult to get into, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy being a part of the millions of happy players who are always looking to outwit their opponents. Did we also mention it’s completely free?

Smite: In many ways, Smite is similar to League of Legends (some would say too similar, perhaps), but it also manages to boast enough novelty to attract a large player base. Smite lets you control one out of dozens of ‘gods’ – deities from mythology that range from Ra to Zeus, each with a unique set of abilities. Instead of League’s isometric view, Smite puts the camera right behind your god so that you can really immerse yourself in the mayhem. While there are numerous game modes and objectives, the goal always boils down to the same thing: proving that your team’s deities are better. Like League of Legends, Smite also comes without any fees.

Call of Duty games: War’s no fun, yet many find themselves fascinated by the life-risking combat that it brings forth. If you’re too squeamish to join the Marines, playing a Call of Duty game against real people is probably the next best thing – there are multiple titles to choose from, and each of them will put you in an immersive battlefield ranging from WW1 to a high-tech near-future. You get to shoot a bunch of people who are having just as much fun as you – what’s not to like about that?

Diablo 3: The Diablo series differ from the aforementioned titles in that you won’t be playing against other people, but rather alongside them: you and a band of adventurers are meant to overcome computer-controlled adversity that gets increasingly difficult as the game progresses. Don’t think that this makes the game any less exciting, though: Diablo games enjoy an almost cult-like following and you’re sure to have a blast if you can get a couple of friends to play with you. Unfortunately, the game costs around $50, but it’s a solid investment as far as computer games go.