Gaming tournaments in the United States

Everyone loves watching the best of the best compete: from sports to shooting to poker, there’s just something about witnessing years and years of hard work manifesting in a concentrated bid to become the best at something.

If you’re bored of mountains of men in body armor slamming into each other at high velocities or don’t have much interest in bats hitting a baseball, perhaps gaming could be the perfect spectator sport for you. Indeed, being a professional gamer is now eerily reminiscent to being a pro athlete: top gaming teams are so popular that their owners employ SEO companies full-time just to increase the already-massive merchandise sales.

The U.S. is home to some of the most exclusive gaming tournaments in the world, and you’ll have an easy time finding one near you no matter the state you live in – getting a seat, however, might prove problematic. Still, if you can manage to attend such an event, it’s sure to become a memorable affair. Here’s an overview of some world-class gaming tournaments held in the U.S.

Major League Gaming: Inside online gaming communities, the acronym ‘MLG’ is sometimes used – jokingly or otherwise – to signal the highest level of skill. Like with Major League Baseball, the gaming variant is considered by many to be the authority when it comes to many of the most popular multi player games, with Counter Strike likely being the most popular. MLG is known to host tournaments around the country and features a wide variety of fan-favorite games, so keep their website bookmarked and check the schedule regularly if you’re looking to witness some quality gaming competition.

Intel Extreme Masters: Another top-notch organization sponsored by a manufacturing giant, IEM has hosted some of the most impressive displays of gaming skill on the planet. While not strictly a U.S. event, many tournaments are held in the States and you shouldn’t miss out on IEM’s next coming no matter when it’s scheduled. The primary game being played at IEM these days is League of Legends, which is understandable: the best LoL teams each have a following numbering in the hundreds of thousands, so why shouldn’t they have their own prestigious tournament? It’s not the biggest event of its kind, but it doesn’t have to be – provided you can find your way through the hordes of fans, you aren’t going to feel short on fun regardless of how familiar you are with the game being played.

World Cyber Games: Another ‘foreign’ gaming tournament that has become synonymous with the U.S., WCG is, in many circles, respected even more than the two leagues mentioned above. The Cyber Games have a reputation for very skill-heavy games whose attendees have been perfecting their craft for the better part of a decade – WCG does its best to come off as the gaming equivalent of the Olympic Games and the criteria for entry is similarly rigorous. Since the tournament is only held once a year, the prizes tend to be massive which is why every competitor will be putting it all on the line – if you have some free time come next WCG, don’t miss out on this gaming spectacle.