Best gaming systems

Console gamers have always been at odds with those preferring to play their games on a personal computer: both groups feel that their way of playing games is superior and very few members of either group are willing to make a compromise in their beliefs.

If you’ve never played a game for more than a couple of minutes, it pays to try out multiple systems in order to see which one is right for you – even if you have a decent amount of experience playing on a single console, trying others could quickly change your allegiance.

For your convenience, here are some of the best gaming systems to own – none of them are likely to allow a boring evening inside your home ever again.

PlayStation 4: The latest iteration of Sony’s prized console is every bit as compelling as its predecessors, but with a lot more features and graphics that could reasonably be called stunning. One thing PlayStation’s always had going for it are exclusive titles: some of the best games on the planet are only available on the ‘PS’, and you’ll have to get your hands on the console in order to play them. In fact, this is a big reason why PlayStation gamers have stayed loyal for over a decade – Sony knows how to keep the customers happy. Needless to say, the latest PlayStation lets you play games in retrospect – with a relatively-affordable console, you’ll be able to try every single PlayStation game ever made.

Xbox One: Playstation has had a strong rivalry with the Xbox almost since the beginning. Sony’s and Microsoft’s constant attempts to one-up each other were parodied in a ridiculous South Park three-parter that fans of good comedy (or those considering one of the two consoles) should consider watching. Whereas the first Xbox wasn’t nearly as globally-widespread as the Playstation (nor did it have as many attractive titles), Microsoft figured out how to do it right over the years and is now a formidable competitor to the Japanese giant. While Xbox consoles lack many of the PlayStation’s marquee titles, the console’s extravagant features do their best to make up for it – if you own a Windows PC or simply enjoy using the operating system, Xbox One is a console you shouldn’t overlook.

Alienware systems: Okay, okay, Alienware isn’t really a console – in fact, one might not even be allowed to call it a gaming system. So what are these UFO-sounding machines? Alienware computers and laptops were designed with one specific goal in mind: gaming. Each device aims to offer the most cutting-edge performance for its release date and the computers are known for providing life-like graphics to PC gamers – even an older Alienware device can comfortably run most modern games. Despite the efforts of consoles, PC gaming isn’t going anywhere and many would argue that its multi player capabilities are far above those of any other gaming system. Unfortunately, performance comes with a hefty price tag: Alienware PCs are among the most expensive personal-use devices out there, which makes them out of reach for many. Still, keep in mind that an Alienware computer or laptop won’t just deliver powerful performance for gaming but also every other task you could think of.