Gaming tournaments in the United States

Everyone loves watching the best of the best compete: from sports to shooting to poker, there’s just something about witnessing years and years of hard work manifesting in a concentrated bid to become the best at something.

If you’re bored of mountains of men in body armor slamming into each other at high velocities or don’t have much interest in bats hitting a baseball, perhaps gaming could be the perfect spectator sport for you. Indeed, being a professional gamer is now eerily reminiscent to being a pro athlete: top gaming teams are so popular that their owners employ SEO companies full-time just to increase the already-massive merchandise sales. Continue reading “Gaming tournaments in the United States”

The best multi player games

Competition is in our nature. Since the dawn of society, us humans have always been on the lookout for new ways to pit ourselves against one another. One of my friends, Shane, who owns Revved Business (he doesn’t know I’m calling him out… lol), I basically cream every time we play…

Younger generations would argue that online games – the latest evolution in competition – are the best arenas invented thus far. Most of us will never get to represent our countries in the Olympics or step inside a fighting ring, but in the world of online games, everyone has an equal chance so long as their wits are quick enough. Continue reading “The best multi player games”

Best gaming systems

Console gamers have always been at odds with those preferring to play their games on a personal computer: both groups feel that their way of playing games is superior and very few members of either group are willing to make a compromise in their beliefs.

If you’ve never played a game for more than a couple of minutes, it pays to try out multiple systems in order to see which one is right for you – even if you have a decent amount of experience playing on a single console, trying others could quickly change your allegiance. Continue reading “Best gaming systems”

3 great auto racing games

Even the most responsible driver sometimes feels like hitting the gas pedal with more force than necessary. As it is, it’s a highly inadvisable thing to do in the majority of day-to-day situations, and let’s face it: your Civic can’t really go all that fast.

Cue racing games. For just a couple of bucks, these simulators will let you drive every vehicle you’ve ever dreamt of – from a souped-up Lamborghini to a sound-barrier-breaking F1 model, there’s a driver’s seat in there for everyone. Continue reading “3 great auto racing games”