How to Master World of Warcraft

When you start playing World of Warcraft (and you probably did years ago), you will know that there is no method to start conquering the world of Azeroth and keep climbing the leaders’ ladder and become the King of the World. World of Warcraft is not an easy game to conquer. Now, we won’t go as far as saying it is impossible to master the game and climb the ranks quickly, but keep in mind that it takes time and perseverance from the players. However, every step you take towards being the best is worth it, and every moment you spend on the game’s server is enjoyable.

We, therefore, do have tips and tricks for the players who want to blast their way to the top, so read on to find out the best ways to start mastering the World of Warcraft.

Join a Guild

Raiding is a huge part of the game and the best way to carry your raids is by joining a guild that is perfect for you. Joining a guild that is already attacking too high will not only hinder your progress but lower your morale as well because you won’t be of much use to the guild. Therefore, don’t join a guild raiding the Black Temple if you have just started. Become the member of a guild that will be able to give you the best advice on raiding and teach you the best ways to fight your way to the top. You can go solo on missions all you want, but joining a group gives you the upper hand when it comes to raids and quests which a solo mission does not. Use the guild to your advantage as much as you can.

Use Guides to Your Advantage

As much help as this guide will be for your adventure in Azeroth, remember there are hundreds and thousands of guides available online that will help speed up your in-game progress. Guides inform you about the best tips and tricks veteran players have been using throughout the years they have been playing, and simply knowing and applying those tips will help you get better. It is always possible you are not using your character’s power or your level’s full potential. There are some amazing leveling guides out there, so don’t shy away from going through them in case someone catches you.

Gain Experience by Raiding Lower

One of the best ways to level up quicker is by killing and wreaking havoc on things that are a few levels below you. This is referred to as level grinding, and no matter how boring it may seem it helps notch up experience points quickly and without receiving too much damage. You can kill a lone priest below your level fast and even if you incur some damage, the recovery period will be short. Although the experience points won’t feel like much, a number of small expeditions like these add up over time and you can benefit by leveling up. If you are stuck at a quest and need to level up, level grinding is a great way to complete it.

Get Better Gear

As pointed out, raids are a crucial part of World of Warcraft and help you level up quick. However, raiding requires you to wear gear that you use when launching an attack. Most players compromise on their gear simply for the reason that finding better gear takes more time. Get the best gear available for your class and be patient if necessary. You will thank us for this advice once you start leveling up faster thanks to the gear you opted for in place of less efficient one.

Study Your Class and Its Specs

Learning about your class through trial and error is not an efficient way of dealing with leveling up or using your attacks. While a majority of the players start the learning process mid-fight, the minority, which goes through the process of studying their class and specs before a raid or quest, finds it far easier to win at attacks and gain experience levels. Knowing about your class will help you better understand the powers and spell you can use and make your life in Azeroth worth it.

Remember To Use All Your Consumables

While raiding or attacking bosses, do not forget to use all the consumables at your disposal. You have flasks, elixirs, food, stones, and scrolls, and there is no point in saving them when you can consume them and beat the bosses easily. Your raids will be easier and your performance overall will be far better. Besides, if you are on level 70, your daily quests can easily repay the bills, and consumables, depending on the armor you are using.

Play Against Better and Experienced Players

It’s not a trap. Seriously, go ahead and join the crowd vying for a game against the better players since they offer the best chance for you to learn the tricks of the game. Although many better players will ignore your advances, it is always better to tell them beforehand that you want to learn and be persistent against them. If there are no takers, you can even pay a good player some gold to run you some advice.

Keep Optimizing Your Character

Your character needs to evolve constantly if it is to be successful in raids and attacks. For this purpose, you need to optimize it with the best gear and armor possible. You can even use websites for recommendations about character optimization, so use them to your advantage.

Don’t forget that World of Warcraft is a game after all. Many players take slow progress as a huge problem and let it affect their real lives. As long as you keep it cool and don’t let the game take over your life, you will be able to do well at both. No kidding, because keeping a cool head is important for progressing and mastering World of Warcraft. Besides all this, keep practicing, and you will soon be joining the ranks of legends in Azeroth!

Games for Baby Showers

While talking about various baby-raising subjects at a baby shower is great and all, the attendees can sometimes feel as if a little more fun wouldn’t hurt. Of course, you don’t want to put the mother through too much excitement, but a good game or two can stimulate the mind and bring everyone closer.

For best results, you’ll want social games (board, cards) while avoiding video games of all sorts – these have a habit of absorbing people’s attention too much, shifting it away from their surroundings (which is hardly how a baby shower should go). Also, video games frequently feature violence and/or shocks that a carrying mother shouldn’t be subjected to. Here are some games you can consider that will guarantee a good time together for everyone in attendance.


There aren’t many better games one can play at a baby shower. Why? Well, it’s likely that the parents aren’t yet dead-set on a name for their newborn and are possibly considering dozens of different choices. Through the clever wordplay adventures it puts the players through, Scrabble will encourage the mother and father to think about letters, words and consequently baby names. Oh, and the game is also a great way to stimulate your mind in a positive way.


You might be surprised to hear that everyone’s favorite board game is a sound choice at a baby shower – the game can feel competitive and downright stressful. Yet the stresses of the game can be eliminated when playing in good company, which is exactly the kind of company that a baby shower should have. Monopoly will remind the parents-to-be that we live in a financial world that’s governed by numbers preceded by dollar signs. Few parents are aware of the full cost of raising a child – as simple as it seems, playing Monopoly might remind them to keep an eye on their finances so that the child never finds itself wanting.

Variations on the aforementioned games that focus on either finances or words are welcome, and you shouldn’t hesitate to bring such a game to the table as a way to liven up the baby shower. That being said, there are a few no-nos that shouldn’t find their way to any baby shower. As already mentioned, video games are one of them – here are a few more to avoid.


It seems obvious, doesn’t it? While pregnancy is definitely a state of being to be proud of, it also imposes physical limitations on the mother before and after the birth. Even if the mother already gave birth, recovering from pregnancy is no state to play Twister in, and all you’ll be doing is reminding her about her loss of mobility.

Poker and similar games

Another fairly obvious entry – even if the father is an avid poker player, leave the classic card set in the drawer or back at home. Do you really want the mother remembering you gambled at her baby shower?

Games with adult themes

As fun as these can be, social games that feature adult material should be left out of the baby shower schedule. Yes, everyone there will probably be an adult, but the atmosphere at a baby shower should be pure and uplifting – it’s hard to keep it as such in the presence of swearing or adult imagery.

World of Warcraft: Why So Popular?

World of Warcraft is like a black hole that sucks the time out of people’s life. So, many people have made resolutions never to go back to playing the addicting game, only to find themselves back on their PC fighting their way through Azeroth. In fact, when friends and family standing by watch the addiction of the game taking over the players, they not only get confused, they start judging and questioning their morals as well. After all, deciding for the umpteenth time not to play the game and going back on their word has to have some negative impact on their personality, right?

The thing is, they can’t help it. World of Warcraft is an addictive game, and staying away for too long is just not in the DNA of the players. Hundreds of new games have been released, free to play MMORPG’s, and many more attractions, but none have reached the impact World of Warcraft has had on the online gaming world. So, if you stand in the corner praying for the addicted players to see sense and stop taking the quests seriously, it is time for you to understand their addiction and even possibly join the legions. Let’s take a look at some numbers before figuring out the reasons behind the popularity of the game.

World of Warcraft by the Numbers

There is no one reason for the hyper-popularity or cultural acceptance of this MMORPG. When you take a look at the subscription fee of the game, it makes you wonder even more about the madness millions of people engage in. Blizzard Entertainment, the tech wizards behind the creation of the game charge a hefty $15 per month from subscriber to continue playing the game. Even after the subscription fee, the company has around 7 million subscribers as of 2015, and earns more than a billion dollars, more than any other online game in the world.

Released in 2004, the MMORPG reached 10 million subscribers at its peak and even though they have lost a considerable number of their subscribers, players keep coming back to the game and the company keeps churning colossal profits. An astonishing 100 million people have already played the game, including those who played for the trial period. Nevertheless,

The game is played in around 244 countries in the world (isn’t that almost the entire world?). Makes you wonder if there are penguins on the server as well, doesn’t it? The game has around 500 million characters and has over 100,000 online Wiki pages dedicated to it. Wrap your head around the figures, we know you can do it. But now, let’s move on to the reasons why the game is so popular and addictive?

So, What Makes The Game So Addictive?

As mentioned, there isn’t one reason for the game’s popularity. There are numerous reasons that factor into the attraction for the game, so let’s take a look at some of them.

The Social Factor

The social factor of playing World of Warcraft is one of the major reasons why the game is so hugely popular. The players interact with people from around the world and collaborate with foreign gamers, which is a huge factor for its popularity. No matter how introvert a person is, they can shine and team up with groups of people without going face to face with anyone. Making new friends and discovering new people is just one of the reasons why the game is so appealing to millions of people. There are countless communities you can join and be a part of and create guilds with your friends. In short, the game is every introvert’s dream come true.

Satisfies Your Psychological Needs

World of Warcraft lets you impersonate hundreds of characters and fulfill your fantasies. Even though a majority of players prefer playing as humans, they can still don the cape of whichever character they desire and play around with the powers and spells that come with them. You can be Illidan Stormrage, Medivh, or Gul’dan, perhaps the evilest character in the game. You can storm in rage and wipe out armies and lead your guilds to victories over rivals. The game gives you power and a feeling of supremacy real life is not capable of providing. You also get a ‘high’ by completing achievements, something other games don’t offer. This is the reason why people get addicted to the game.

It Has the Largest In-Game Map of All Online Games

A part of the reason for its huge popularity is the vastness of the lands of Azeroth. With each release of a new expansion pack, Blizzard Entertainment has made sure players have a reason to keep sticking to the game. They have expanded the game’s territory beyond the players’ wildest dreams and there’s a lot to discover and plenty space to roam around. There are new secrets to discover and new places and armies to conquer in the game. The more experience you gain, the better your chances are of jumping from one quest to another, which is why people make it their target to reach as high a level as they possibly can.

Everyone from Casual Gamers to Pros Can Enjoy the Game

World of Warcraft has been crafted for everyone to enjoy. While there are games out there that require pro level skills and expertise to play a game, World of Warcraft doesn’t require any major skills and can be enjoyed by an amateur gamer as well. If you are a casual gamer, you can start the game easily without any prior knowledge of the millions of characters, spells, or the armies you can conjure. You can easily progress through the game at a slow pace and develop an understanding as fast or slow as you want. The interface is user-friendly and offers amazing visuals and graphics. There is something to do in the game ALL the time, and there are almost no chances of players getting bored.

If you have been a critic all along and been the one to judge your WoW-addicted friends, it is time to stop ascertaining and give the game a try. Don’t blame us if you form a new addiction too though.

Top Rated Laptop Computers for Gaming

When it comes to deciding on what laptop to buy you need to balance specification with price, reliability with design. Every manufacturer needs to get positive reviews from authoritative bodies as well as having an effective marketing strategy to promote its products in the competitive market place.

Here is one view on the market and the best alternatives within a number of categories; your priorities are then for you to decide:  

  • The Dell XPS 13 gets great overall marks for shape, screen size with quick performance and Intel processor. A further advantage is its endurance under charge. Lightweight it has few equals in today’s market place.
  • If price is the determining factor in your purchase then look closely at the Ideapad 100S with its 11.6 inch screen, bright display, good battery life and Windows 10, That is all for under $200.
  • The 14-inch Asus VivoBook E403SA is a little more expensive but still under $500. It has a Pentium processor, 4GB and good battery life. It is light and well designed.
  • If you are starting a business yet do not want to spend too much money on a computer then the ThinkPad 13 may be the laptop for you. It has a great keyboard, good battery life and is likely to be available for around $600.
  • For some battery life is the first consideration. ThinkPad X260 offers 17 hours on charge so you can take fairly long flights and have no problems whatever. The screen is 12.5 inches yet the laptop will fit on most airline tray tables.
  • The best slim-line laptop is probably the HP Spectre, just 0.41 inch and weighing less than 2.5 pounds? It still has a 13 inch display incidentally.
  • Apple has a loyal fan base and its top model currently is the MacBook Air 13-inch. 14 hours of battery, excellent keyboard and at a price below $1,000 are compelling reasons to choose it.

  • The 14-inch ThinkPad T460 is an excellent choice for the businessman; durable, reliable and a good battery life are reasons enough.
  • The Lenovo Yoga 900 is laptop and tablet in one. It is fairly compact as an added advantage.
  • The Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW beats the MacBook Pro on price by some margin. It matches it for sharpness and is surely a good choice for those using a laptop for video and phot editing?
  • The MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro is looking to attract the increasing number of people who want gaming functionality from their laptop.
  • The best chromebook is probably the Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35. It is lightweight with a good battery life, 13.3 inch display and at a figure in the $300s it is an attractive alternative.
  • The 11.6-inch Asus Chromebook C202 is an excellent choice for kids. It is only around $200 and is durable enough to survive its being dropped on occasions. It has an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of Ram.

There is enough here to get you thinking next time you want to change your laptop computer.

10 Reasons to Play World of Warcraft

Do you really need a reason to play World of Warcraft? With millions of active players, WoW is a hugely popular game. You are the hero who controls your favorite characters and annihilates your enemies with the most powerful spells. You know fairly well that wherever you roam in the World of Warcraft, you are not safe, and you love the uncertainty. However, if you haven’t had the pleasure of playing this multiplayer online role-playing game, there are a number of reasons why you should. Here are 10 of them:

1. Highly Social Game

Online gaming is every introvert’s dream, with no interaction with the real world, yet you can make hundreds of friends. Even though making friends on a computer screen may not be your cup of tea, imagine the type of interactivity that can go on within a community of more than 10 million people. Start a guild with your friends or simply roam around, meeting new people and getting cozy with their weird and wild stories. There’s a lot to desire when you start playing the game. Laughter, fights, emotions running high, there’s no lack of proper interaction with people from all over the world

2. It’s a Huge, Huge World

If you remember the release in 2004, World of Warcraft was a huge game. It wasn’t just a map of a country. It was two vast continents for the players go about without getting bored. The gaming world has expanded beyond your wildest imaginations since then, and there’s no limit to what you can do within the game. Jump through Dark Portals, sail to the land of Pandaria or visit Deepholm, a place that can be found far beneath the earth’s surface. If nothing else, you will definitely be spending hours on end roaming around here and there, wondering at the marvel universe of World of Warcraft.

3. The Improved Interface Is a Dream

The game’s interface has gone through many welcome changes that make gamers’ lives not only easier, but far more interesting. Conjure an instant army with the new raid finder tool, and if the original interface does not satisfy your hunger, you can always go ahead and try the custom modes created by users and players themselves.

4. It Has Had a Cultural Impact

Remember that South Park episode where Eric, Stan and company are playing World of Warcraft? Yes, they were being schooled by their opponents, but no one can deny the impact the game has had on popular culture. It has dominated the Internet through hundreds of memes channeling numerous websites, and just like Star Wars, World of Warcraft created a symbolic game followed by millions religiously. Despite the fact that the game took a stumble in terms of users in the recent past, it has still left its mark on pop culture and its legacy will surely continue.

5. The Quests Are Undeniably Amazing

While most MMOs require you to slash and take down different beasts and monsters to progress and level up, World of Warcraft does not need you to do the same. You have to travel through different stories that take you places and through epic adventures that determine the number of level ups for you. Doing the dragon a favor will take you back in time to revive old conflicts while you can conjure an army to fight in the forsaken capital if you visit the Dragonblight. Whichever part of the game you go through, there’s no denying the fact that the quests you undertake are epic.

6. You Don’t Need To Be a Pro Gamer To Play the Game

Nope, that is not a requirement when you pick up your laptop to start playing the game. If you feel the game is too complex, you are in for a treat. And no, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours playing the game to enjoy its essence. As mentioned, the game has something for everyone. From pro gamers to light players who just want to get the taste of an adventure, World of Warcraft is for everyone. You can spend your in-game time the way you want since there is no restriction or a fixed storyline you need to follow. Go for the arena if you are a hardcore gamer, or stick to the marvelous landscape to roam around and discover new things if you are a causal gamer.

7. 11 Years Later, It’s Still One of the Best

With time, the world has seen many MMO games released. While many come close to the experience World of Warcraft delivers, it is still in a league of its own. And it’s not the best without a reason. It has grown and evolved over the years to lead the way. It is perhaps one of the best games ever developed, and the millions of people still loyal to the game are a testament to that. If you haven’t played World of Warcraft, you are missing out on an age-defining game.

8. The Game Doesn’t Cap At Max Levels

World of Warcraft doesn’t disappoint you by ending the game for you when you have reached the highest levels. Reaching level 90 therefore isn’t the end but a beginning. While other games end when you reach the peak, World of Warcraft starts offering you even greater challenges. With new challenges and quests opening up for the maxed out players every now and then, the experience doesn’t end, ever.

9. Leveling Up Isn’t That Difficult

Talking about max levels may make you think reaching higher levels is a sweaty job, but it’s not. With updates to the game, World of Warcraft has opened up greater possibilities for new players to level up quicker and faster by raiding the top players. Make money and rake in experience by joining guilds and enjoy triple experience points by joining hands with a friend. Leveling is up is super-fast and super interesting.

10. The Best for the Last: It’s Free

Many MMOs charge a fee. World of Warcraft allows you a free hand till the 20th level. Yes, you can actually keep playing the game without any expense until you reach level 20. There are absolutely no restrictions on how you play the game. By the time you reach level 20, you know subscription to the game is totally worth it.

Need any more reasons to play this epic game? Didn’t think so.

Gaming tournaments in the United States

Everyone loves watching the best of the best compete: from sports to shooting to poker, there’s just something about witnessing years and years of hard work manifesting in a concentrated bid to become the best at something.

If you’re bored of mountains of men in body armor slamming into each other at high velocities or don’t have much interest in bats hitting a baseball, perhaps gaming could be the perfect spectator sport for you. Indeed, being a professional gamer is now eerily reminiscent to being a pro athlete: top gaming teams are so popular that their owners employ SEO companies full-time just to increase the already-massive merchandise sales. Continue reading “Gaming tournaments in the United States”

The best multi player games

Competition is in our nature. Since the dawn of society, us humans have always been on the lookout for new ways to pit ourselves against one another. One of my friends, Shane, who owns Revved Business (he doesn’t know I’m calling him out… lol), I basically cream every time we play…

Younger generations would argue that online games – the latest evolution in competition – are the best arenas invented thus far. Most of us will never get to represent our countries in the Olympics or step inside a fighting ring, but in the world of online games, everyone has an equal chance so long as their wits are quick enough. Continue reading “The best multi player games”

Best gaming systems

Console gamers have always been at odds with those preferring to play their games on a personal computer: both groups feel that their way of playing games is superior and very few members of either group are willing to make a compromise in their beliefs.

If you’ve never played a game for more than a couple of minutes, it pays to try out multiple systems in order to see which one is right for you – even if you have a decent amount of experience playing on a single console, trying others could quickly change your allegiance. Continue reading “Best gaming systems”

3 great auto racing games

Even the most responsible driver sometimes feels like hitting the gas pedal with more force than necessary. As it is, it’s a highly inadvisable thing to do in the majority of day-to-day situations, and let’s face it: your Civic can’t really go all that fast.

Cue racing games. For just a couple of bucks, these simulators will let you drive every vehicle you’ve ever dreamt of – from a souped-up Lamborghini to a sound-barrier-breaking F1 model, there’s a driver’s seat in there for everyone. Continue reading “3 great auto racing games”